P. Balakrishnan, once a PI, now a world traveler or fugitivehad finally surfaced for air and once again dealing blows from behind like the coward he is.

The best and honorable thing for him to do is come home to Malaysia and set the record straight on how he is actually involved in the Altantuya case once and for all, rather than remain a liar and a cheat for the rest of his life.

From what we know of him thus far, are the two contradicting press conferences which eventually saw him fleeing the country. He was paid to lie in a Statutory Declaration and later a reversal of his action by filing another Statutory Declaration declaring the opposite. The only explanation for his actions is that he has sold his soul to the devil.

Why has he surfaced now, making appearances on the internet in various leftwing blogs ? My guess is, the money he had gotten before he fled the country is fast depleting and he is back doing what he does best, stirring-up sentiments, double-dealing and black mailingthe very same people that paid him money before.

Traveling and living around the world costs money, and from what we know from his character, extortion is the fastest and possibly the only way to sustain his present livelihood.

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